These past few weeks on the homestead have been challenging following my surgery. With two busy boys, daily chores and trying to keep up on the house, I have fallen horribly behind on one of my favorite things. My garden has suffered greatly.

Despite my neglect, both plants and weeds have flourished in our rainy humid weather the past few weeks. It has been a year of great plant growth.


My garden is a great reminder for me every year that living on a homestead and trying to be self sufficient is very hard work. You really get what you put into it.

A garden of plenty does not happen ever night. It takes work, time and care for it to slowly become that harvest that fills your shelves in the fall.


No growing season ever seems to go flawlessly, at least not for me, but at the years end there is always food for my family.

My energy level following surgery is finally increasing. Although I may feel behind the battle of weeds in my garden, I can also see the progress that I am making daily as well.

My boys are watching and helping whenever they can and learning that homesteading really is a labor of love.


I cannot wait to see what our fall harvest brings this year. It will be a great opportunity to rejoice what I worked so hard for.

I hope you all get what you put into it as the summer continues on.

Happy homesteading everyone. May you all have a garden of plenty.