You know that moment when you are driving home from dropping your car off at the shop for some basic care and you almost hit a horse?

Oh, you don’t.  Well that’s good.

Oh but you do.  Scared ya pretty good doesn’t it.

Last night we almost did just that.  Its rather ironic for us though.  Let me explain.

Almost three years ago we were driving home with our first purebred Poland China gilt.  It was a long trip and we were getting home right around 11:30pm or so.  We were only three miles from home (ironically right by where currently live now) and Sit Swine said a few choice words, swerved and we narrowly missed a purebred Angus bull standing directly in our lane. How we missed him was a miracle all it’s own.  Thankfully nobody was hurt, nor the bull, nor Gertrude our new breeding gilt.

So what happens next you might ask.  Well in both cases the same thing. We don’t know who the animals belong to and it’s late so people are in bed.  Not the best time to knock on doors.

So you instead hear, “911 what’s your emergency?” 

“Well, we almost just hit a horse” that’s all Sir Swine and I could think to respond. 

We waited for the officer to arrive (thanks for working late guys) and it’s a good thing we did.  Before the officer arrived we had our hazards going but still had to repeatedly flash our headlights to warn an oncoming car. 

Today all is well.  The horses got back home (Did I mention there were two?).  The bull survived the night three years ago.  And amazingly for us we did not dent the pick-up either time.

Somedays on the homestead are challenging but we could not say they are boring.