I recently decided to take another online course to improve myself.  My initial thought went back to a fantastic course I took a few years ago about whole foods. Turns out that same lady was offering a course that included a winter wellness recipe.

winter wellness

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The relaxed format of that previous course is what drew me back to Heather and her blog.  There I found a perfect new course and exactly what my winter spirit needs. 

Hibernate.  Hibernate, a course on relaxation and finding that inner joy and wellness we often lose in winter. 

But this course is for humans not animals so it has a bit more flexibility. Essentially, through the acts followed in the course you should find rest, relaxation and wholeness.

Making My Winter Wellness Recipe

Step one, develop my individual Winter Wellness Recipe.  This is a list of things that bring me pure joy in my life.  Sitting in quiet really was challenging, with Tractor Man and Tag Along near by quiet is always a challenge, but I finally came up with a large list of things that bring me happiness.

So here is what I have.

Winter Wellness Recipe

My Winter Wellness Recipe

What To Put In Your Winter Wellness Recipe

This is a simple list of what brings me happiness and joy.  I cannot wait to see what we do with it.

I love how the course hostess, Heather, does such a great job of emphasizing the importance of finding joy in what we do as individuals. Happiness is found in so many different places for people and it’s important to remember that no two people are the same.

While this course is just getting started I wanted to sing its praises, in case you need this course as much as I did.

I would encourage anyone out there who is currently feeling stressed to take this course.  There is NO real homework obligations but it is always nice to try a new thing or two.  I’m currently considering a vision board.  Anyone out there tried these before?

I also like to include warm and comforting food when I participate in hibernation. A few of our favorites are ham and potato soup, chicken pot pies, and starting our homemade chocolate covered cherries.


Finding Joy in Wellness

Logging into the class each day gives me something joyful to look forward to.  I can actually feel a sense of calming peace wash over me just reading the daily notes and ‘assignment’ for the day.  The pictures and writing style only help to further the calming environment.

You know it must be good because this is coming from a stressed out mother of three very busy boys.

I love to wake up every morning, light a beeswax candle and read the daily notes. This has been a very peaceful way for me to start my mornings.

While this is only one area of my life I am currently able to bring peace and calm to different areas I am working on throughout our home.

unique winter wellness recipe

Creating Family Wellness

This last weekend we participated as a family in an at home retreat.  Tractor Man, Sir Swine and I all sat down and took turns saying things that brought us joy.  We made a list and the next two days just checked one fun thing after another off of our list.  It was a wonderful time and good family bonding as well.

While I know that this is a course that is only a few weeks long I am thankful that I am doing it.  Sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and put ourselves first.  It is not being selfish to try to relax, enjoy time alone or with family.  It is not wrong to want to just do nothing for a day.  We can hibernate too, just without the drool and sleep part.

I hope you are all enjoying a nice peaceful, restful winter season.  Happy homesteading.

If you are interesting in learning more about Hibernate please read about it right here.


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