Every now and then I feel like there is a sudden time when the homestead just creeps up on us and takes control of all the time and energy we have.  My response every time is to stay up later and wake up earlier in hopes of getting more done each day.  The problem with that theory is that the homestead never rests but I need to!

Stresses are coming down though. The chickens have been butchered, the layers have been moved to their new home, the lawn has been mowed (well except for that part where we were rained out) and the newly purchased gilts are coming into their new home nicely.

We are now up to about 45 purebred Poland China gilts and they are all breeding nicely for us.  Merc, our boar, is ready to start earning his keep and it is an exciting time for the pigs.

The garden has been a challenge to keep up with.  Here in Minnesota we have had a wonderful greenhouse effect.  High moisture, warm sunny days and 70-80 degree temps have kept things growing.  The weeds included.  I actually gave someone a tour the other day and described one section as a row of plants native to our area that grow wildly.  In other words that would be a section that was unplanted, usually where my boys dig, that has now overgrown with weeds local or native to us.  Creative thinking right!

With all of this chaos that the homesetead brings I sometimes have to just sit back and remind myself that with our lifestyle, the homestead does indeed rule.  It affords us the opportunites that few others can have unless they really want to work for it like we are.

Our boys roam freely to explore the world around them daily.  Worms, bugs, spiders, dragonflies, birds and bees.  The world and our homestead really are thier classroom, mud pit, moutain and gold mine.  Their imaginations run where ever they want to go.

I get to be home with my kids and help my husband daily.  There are days when it does not all get done but we still are making progress everyday.  There are sacrafices that I have made as well. I enjoy this simplier life though.  I do not feel lesser for not getting my hair highlighted or doing my own nails.  I feel empowered to know that I can do those things on my own and save the money for my family.

The homestead does indeed rule our lives but we have chosen this path and we will continue to do so for a long time, God willing.  Just remember when things become more than you think you can handle to break them up into smaller tasks.  It always helps to give yourself that pat on the back for accomplishing a small task on the way to achieving the big picture goal.  Down size and find happiness in having less.

Sometimes the biggest things you should need to worry about are having all the animals fed, laundry and enough food stored up to get you through the winter without a grocery store.  After all it just makes you focus on those things that are really important to you.