Race to town; get those two things that you forgot on your last trip. Race back home only to realize that you forgot another thing on the list!  Get into your car the next morning and wonder where all your gas has gone.

Then you remember and it is like reliving all of that crazy running around all over again. You think to yourself “There must be a better way.”

Lucky for you and me there is! This week as part of our “Take Back Your Time” challenge you will be working on limiting trips to save you time and money.

This week’s assignment is an easier one, but does require some serious work ahead of time. Preparing for your trips to town ahead of time keeps you focused on the main things you are setting out to accomplish and getting them done quickly.

So let’s get started on saving you time and money! Take your wonderful schedule that you created in week 1 and determine days that you are able to get into town and have a good amount of “down time” while waiting at a destination.  Maybe that means dropping your son or daughter off at their practice and you going to the grocery store for twenty minutes.

After you look at your schedule and know when you have these times available grab your grocery list that you are updating regularly with your meal plans and prepare yourself for the trip.

Have your grocery list set up according to the order that you will see it in the store. This will save you time as you go through the store and can just keep moving right along to the next isle, hopefully never back tracking to get something else.

Prepare your coupons ahead as well, if you are using them. Be sure to match the coupons with the ads in the sale flyer so you are getting the best deal possible.  If you don’t coupon that is ok but think about giving it a chance.  You don’t need to be an extreme couponer to save a little extra money.

So you have your grocery list ready and coupons in hand, now you need to make your list of places to go to. Be sure to let it flow.  Try to plan your destinations so you are doing as little driving as possible.  Do not back track across town if you do not have to!  Limiting driving will save you time and some much needed gas too.

Every time I leave the house I have a list stating where we are going. Often times I will even go so far as to schedule out when I would like to arrive and leave each destination.  You do not need to do this but if you are a little over the top like me go for it.

So finally you are ready to go. Double check one last time that you have those three lists. Before you head out the door there is one last thing you need to be prepared.

When I say prepare I mean prepare! Be sure to put a snack into your bag and a small bottle of water as well if you have it.  You will be surprised how much you may need this and how thankful you will be with yourself so that you are not buying food to snack on while in town.  I even pack a travel applesauce for my small boys just incase.

So there you have it.

  • Prepare your trips ahead to join in with your already created schedule.
  • Prepare your grocery list-basing off of your meal planning.
  • Have coupons on hand and ready to go.
  • Have snacks on hand to save money as you are completing your task.

Doing these four simple things will help you to limit your trips to town so you can save time and money.

I hope this is helpful to each of you and that you able to enjoy a small break from the chaos of life every now and then. Safe travels and limited ones too!