Child cooking on his own

The day has come.  My son no longer needs my help.  I’m officially no longer his lifeline to having food.  He is cooking on his own and so he has indeed learned what he needed to.  

I am saddened and relieved but mostly in complete awe since he is only six.

child practicing pouring skills cooking

How It Came About…

A little over a year ago I decided that I needed an elective for our homeschool program.  Something different that would last him a life time.

Life skills!  That’s What I decided was necessary.  Tractor Man had recently shown interest in cooking so I searched that and found few result for kids cooking courses.

Finally after narrowing my search results farther I found it, Kids Cook Real Foods.  An e-course dedicated to teaching kids to cook on their own.

I instantly purchased the all access to all threes levels.  I figured this was our best choice since Tag Along will eventually need these same skills.

We have been working through the lessons slowly and often repeating, that’s our choice to make sure he fully understands.  Currently we are a few lessons into the intermediate level.

Today was a shocking moment though.  All I did to make our blueberry oatmeal muffins was read the words.

What He Can Do Now

I have to say I’m impressed by my six year old.

He spreads,,cuts (yes with a knife), he measures.  He Can follow a recipe once the wording is changed to the terms he understands.  He is stirring and flipping pancakes!

Flipping pancakes! He’s is only six!

Through the Kids Cook Real Food course he had learned so much.  And we aren’t even half way through the lessons yet!

It has been amazing to watch him grow in the kitchen.  He now tells people what is healthy and what isn’t.  For a young boy he is really impressing his Mama.

Where He Is Headed Next

We still need some work cracking eggs.  Although he did get it right today, with no shell’s I might add.


He is making such great strides in the kitchen that our next big thing that need to happen is for Mama to let go a little bit.  He wants to experiment with flavors on his own.  And I need to start giving him those opportunities to try the new things to add to what he loves for his pallet.

I’m looking forward to the garden this year.  Being able to share the joy of fresh home grown produce will be wonderful and it will open new opportunities for them both while they learn to cook.

I’m planning to let him try a few new things as well while we are camping this year.  I was excited to see that one of the e-books also available with his course is one on cooking while camping.  For me this will be a perfect time to let him have an opportunity to prove himself as I will will want the break and hopefully clean up will be easier as we are outside.

I know we are still a long way from Tractor Man or Tag Along being able to do all of their own cooking and that is ok with me.  But I must admit I am so happy and proud of my children for learning to cook real food.

Find your joy today.

**If you are interested in this course I have included my affiliate links to Kids Cook Real Food.  Please check it out.  Currently the owner is offering a free downloadable e-book on “10 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make”.  Enjoy! **