As a Mom I am always trying to find new and creative ways to engage my children when it comes to their education.  Having three very busy and inquisitive boys, I know that now is the perfect time to teach them the life skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

What Makes a Great Gift?

With the holidays just around the corner I could not help but think that gifts outside of the normal box (literally) would be a great choice for our kids.  Why not an experience?

More and more parents in our society are stepping away from the store bought goods and working to engage their families in experiences.

For example learning to cook and bake from scratch.  Kids, including my own, are now learning the basic skills to cook that many children knew when they were three and four back in the day. These are great life skills for kids.

When I say back in the day I should make note that we have just finished reading Farmer Boy and started The Adventures in the Northwoods Series for the boys for school.  “Back in the day” when all you had, you had worked for every moment of the day to earn.  When a loaf of bread took four hours of work and not just a stroll to the store.  I think you see what I’m saying. Life skills from the past.

There is no more humble way to show your child their lesser qualities than to read books like this.  It is a rather abrupt way to explain better behavior.  Children being seen and not heard, doing chores, never talking back to an adult, knowing where their food came from and actually being part of processing it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I want my kids to be silent and work all the time. What I’m going for here is polite and helpful.

These life skills that were the norm in the olden days are finally making a comeback and I for one want my children to have an opportunity to join in.  But it is not just “country kids” doing this.

You now see in cities beekeepers, small gardens and even chickens.  Parents are striving to teach their children where their food comes from.  And really that is a fantastic life lesson for them to know.  Plus they are learning it.

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

Here in the Mid-West we have just finished up hunting season.  Every year the Facebook post comes up on someone’s page showing that famous statement saying we should “buy our meat at the store where no animals were harmed”(and I paraphrase there).


Yes, that’s right some people still do not know that their food, though in a grocery store, still came from an animal.  Do you think the same thing could be said about many of the other goods we purchase? Flour? Milk? Eggs?  I bet so.

The Life Skills We are Teaching

My search to educate my boys on all things life skills led me to several great resources.  I hope you will take a moment or two to visit the links I have attached below.

While I feel strongly about food preservation and gardening I cannot help but think that my boys would love a boat building or blacksmithing course.  And really where else will they see these lost arts?

Note** our county fair still has a blacksmith come in one day so be sure to see if yours does as well.  It is a joy to watch and makes you appreciate every spoon you own.

So now is your chance!  Go out an google search your area for some of those folk skills that are passing us by.  Be the trend setter in your area to step out and have your child learn to cook or shoot a bow and arrow.

These lessons are some of the most influential.  And I’m sure they will be the ones most talked of and never forgotten.

Happy homeschooling and homesteading.

Suggested Life Skills to Teach

This is a list of courses available in my area of Minnesota. There are several virtual options available as well if you search. Take the time to look into these life skills.  They are a chance to preserve a tradition in time.  Enjoy and please let me know which skills your family loves the most.

Kids Cook Real Food is a wonderful online course that you can purchase for your children.  I love this course for my kids! Plus you purchase the course and you have it forever!  We got the lifetime membership of all three courses.  Montessori based and fun for the kids.  My boys love Miss Kimball.  Registration opens periodically so be sure to check back often. Get our complete review of Kids Cook Real Food right here.

Fiber Spinning Classes This business does a great job of teaching spinning, knitting and crochet all at one shop. The list of classes is vast and offers lots of options for advancement as your child learns.

Black Smith or Wood Crafts and much more. Boat building, jewelry, tools, art, weaving, food preservation, the list is endless with this place.  They also offer family courses. North House Folk School will soon be seeing my family and I once our boys are a bit older.  So thankful I found an opportunity like this close to home.

Sustainable Living or learning about growing your own food.  Try Eagle Bluff Skills School.  There is not better way to understand how to survive than to take part in a sustainable living or self-wellness course.  And if you are up for a fun weekend with the spouse why not try the homemade beer making course?  Prices are very reasonable!