I recently had a big birthday.  Yes, yes I am now 30.  To be honest I don’t feel any different.  Age is just a number after all.

Just a number right?!?!  Numbers matter sometimes.  Let me explain.

My husband decided a great gift idea would be Vikings vs Seahawks playoffs tickets.  Numbers matter!  The projected HIGH for Sunday’s game was a balmy  -3 degrees! 

Numbers matter!  Kick off was a record low for the Vikings game -6! 

Yeah us?!?! 

I may not feel 30 but after sitting through that game I definitely felt a bit more chilled than normal. 

I stepped out into the freezing cold on Sunday with thousands of other fans all because sometimes numbers matter. 


Unfortunately for us, the Seahawks managed to have the higher number this time.

Oh all the things to remember from that game, I choose to remember this.  Chad Greenway, (#52) a fellow swine producer, has been with the Vikings for ten years!  That’s amazing in this sport. 


Chad Greenway Minnesota Vikings

Thanks Chad Greenway!

Happy homesteading.