Every now and then our family likes to participate in what some would call an unthinkable event, a month long spending freeze. That’s right for an entire month we do our very best to spend as little as possible with the hope of spending none at all.

To some I know this may sound completely crazy but just work with me here for a minute. I first found the idea of a spending freeze from a wonderful blog The entire idea seemed brilliant for us. A great way to save a ton of money to put towards our debt instead. While we were very excited it was also a terrifying thought. NO SPENDING FOR A MONTH?!?!?!

I have two little kids! I need diapers, milk, bread, time away from them to spoil myself with a coffee or a glass of wine. Ok, ok, ok. I get it those are luxuries right. So we decided to go for it. I figured out how to make my own great classy cup of coffee at home and I uncorked a bottle of wine I had saved for a special occassion.

The first time we did this challenge we completed this challenge we were able to save $500 in the month! We were not perfect by any means but it was such a relief to have the success of knowing we did well still. And what joy it brings to be able to pay off a bill with that extra money.

So onward and upward we shall go, starting another spending freeze month-this time it was my husbands’ idea. Our exceptions this month are for a few different things-Mother’s Day small gifts, a homeschool conference at the end of the month and basic produce to get us by. We will be eating all the rest of our goodies out of our freezer. I do have asparagus growing right now so I am very blessed to have that fresh but the garden is a LONG way from producing anything else just yet.

Our goals for this month are not only to spend as little as possible but to sell a few things around the house as well. We are planning to have a yard sale at my sisters next month so a spending freeze is a great time to clear out some of those long forgotten places and try a get a dollar or two for things we simply do not use anymore.

Part of leading a simple steady life and having a simple steady home is being able to move freely without the chaos that can so easily surround our daily lives. Taking the time to downsize and really reflect on those things that truly matter is what I look forward to the most with this challenge.

Hope you have a simple week and if you feel called to join us on this challenge please let me know!