I was recently encouraged to do something a bit out of my norm, write a post about myself and why I am doing this simple blog.

Although that may sound simple to some I find this to be a challenge.  I honestly do not know exactly where to begin but I will try.

As you can read in my “About Simple Steady Home” section I am a wife, mother and all things homesteader here in the Mid-West.  I grew up in Wisconsin.  The land of cheese, trees, bears and cheese (wait did I say that twice?).  However, I moved to Minnesota after meeting my husband.  He was worth it!

I married a wonderful man, Sir Swine, eight years ago.  We have been blessed with two boys Trator Man (4) and Tag Along (2).  We have two angel babies Cassidy and Carter.    My boys keep me moving and often times awake more than I would like.

We just recently moved from a rented property where we had lived for the last five years to our first home.  My daily life is now full of moving, construction, home school and as always livestock (fair pig season is coming).

Through all of this chaos I am trying to just live a simple steady life while providing food for my family and having simple inexpensive fun whenever possible.

Welcome to my homestead!  I hope you will follow along and I promise you no two days are the same on this farm.  Happy homesteading.