I enjoy being the wife that my husband knows can hanlde most any situation.  I pride myself on solving the “mysteries of the house” on my own when it is necessary.  Last night was one such event that I simply could NOT solve on my own.

I was in the garden finishing up watering plants when suddenly, I no longer had water.  This may seem like a simple ‘I have no water’ situation but our waetr is hooked up to the house, the barns, and well the entire property.  So I busy the children and begin looking into the situation.?

First stop breaker box.  All is right in the world there.  Hmm, what does this mean?  No clue!  So looking next to see if a line broke to one of the animals outside (this would mean we are flooding a part of a building and would explain why everywhere else has no water).  After searching all three barns I found NOTHING.

Ok I’m starting to get baffled now.  Back to the house the kids are becoming restless.  Ah time for a movie-Cat in the Hat, they don’t get to watch him very often.  String cheese snack and I’m off again.  Nope, stop and come back Mom the power just went out.    So welcome to no water, no electricity.  This is fun right?!?!?!

My husband arrives home.  I explain that since all of this has first started we have lost water, had the power surge 4 times, and now the power seems to only be working half scale.  I also tell him tha tI have googled the PSI for our water tank and it is too low.

After four hours of this we are both feeling the pain of not knowing exactly what is going on.  Thankkfully we are both in good spirits even though this is happening.    Finally, last night around midnight my husband found the source of the poblem.  When the power surged and the water level had dropped prior to this it caused the filters to get plugged up in the water system and an O ring busted.  Hubby replaced the needed parts, cleared out the murked up filters and ta-da, water and power!

Seven hours of chaos solved by my wonderful and brilliant husband.  Having water again is a great reason to love your husband.

So this morning as I enjoy my yogurt and coffee I am thrilled to have water again, laundry is going as I write.

Tractor Man on the other hand is a bit disappointed I fear.  You see when all of this happened I explained that he could go potty outside, in a designated area, while we did not have water since I did not know when we would have it back this seemed like a logical choice.  Now he is bummed that Iam requesting him to use the bathroom again.  Oh to be 4.

I hope you have a great day with just the right amount of water and electricity to fuel your needs.  From my simple steady house of chaose to yours, have a wonderful day!