Life is constantly changing and with our nations recent issues it has only gotten more challenging. Now more than ever, I find that everyone needs to find a way to renew and uplift themselves during the winter months.

What Makes Me Need to Renew Myself?

The last few months have been a difficult change.

Ok. That’s an understatement, really it has been the last year and a half for our household.

We sold our previous house in the spring of 2019 and promptly moved in to our “well underway in renovation home”. The new house is really a much older house. We have battled the elements of poor siding, bugs, flies and even mice.

Oh and one very lost little bat that is never welcome near me again. I never knew I didn’t like bats until that little guy decided to visit us.

I forgot the birds. Those pesky birds that managed to build a nest under my window right next to my bed – I told you the siding was bad. Bless their hearts those babies would chirp all the time for food and I have never been so happy as when they flew away and our new siding went up to keep them from nesting there again.

Welcome to the New Farm

The new place has a lot of offer in terms of farming but much less comfort and space than our previous house. Some days I find myself just searching for a quiet mommy space where I could be alone.

With three little boys that is not always an easy task. They have even found me when I was hiding in my closet trying to read for a few minutes alone.

We now have a wonderful robust 14 plus acres of land for the family to roam on. Our many adventures usually involve pigs in one of the barns or a trip deep into the woods. The wood lot is full of old Oak trees. They are beautiful and gigantic. Hopefully this next year we can get a legit tree fort put up in one of them.

So Why Do You Need to Renew and Uplift Yourself?

To be quite honest everyone needs this kind of self-care. And let me tell you I am the queen of sucking at self-care.

Several hospital visits for dehydration, letting a cold turn into pneumonia and lack of sleep to name just a few of my “not taking care of myself” moments.

Parents often put their kids first and this make the cycle all the harder to break when it comes to taking care of yourself.

I’m getting better at renewing myself but honestly it’s easier to remember the more you do it. Here are the basic ways that you can renew and uplift yourself during these cold winter months.

Uplifting and Renewing Ideas

  • Adult Coloring Books – these are great when you just need something a little out of your norm to do. Coloring has been proven to decrease stress  and anxiety as well.
  • Knitting – This is a great way to busy your hands and make something warm all at the same time. Scarves are a very easy project for beginners. I found this nifty tutorial on Youtube that may prove helpful for beginners out there. If  you are still struggling shoot me an email and I’ll help you get it squared away (
  • Sewing – I really enjoy making quilts and as of recently egg aprons. Any quilt turns out amazing and I would love to see your pics. My favorite part is hand sewing on the binding while it warms you.
  • Candle Making (This one is one of my personal favorites!!!) – Kits can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and varying degrees of price tags. Pick what fits you best. I also enjoy simply purchasing beeswax candles on Etsy. I’m still looking for a favorite buyer there.

homemade candle with lemongrass essential oil

  • Warm Baths – Light a few candles, listen to some soft music and just relax for an hour. This will calm you, let you rest and you will be so renewed in peace once this is done. Add a few essential oils or herbs to your bath to make it even more relaxing. Magnesium bath bombs, like this labeled set, are always wonderful too.
  • Aromatics – Here are those essential oils again. If you aren’t into essential oils no problem though. I like to keep a pot simmering on the stove with whole cloves, orange slices, a few cinnamon sticks, lemon slices and a bay leaf. It smells amazing! Fresh yet homey.
  • Comfort foods – In our household this time of year we turn to soups. Our favorite is this homemade ham and potato soup. Perfect, filling and oh so good on the cold winter months. Remember to try to keep these healthy and wholesome as well since they will nourish your body this time of year.
  • Get Some Sun – Easier said than done if you live in the Northern areas of the world. Getting some early morning sun is beneficial to your health and mood even if it does not fill your vitamin D requirements.
  • Grow something – start your garden seedling or sit down and plan out what your garden will look like next year. There are some great seed starting kits right here.

Find What Works for You

The key that you need to focus on when looking at adding these relaxing and uplifting things into your life is finding a time and a routine that works for you.

YOU!!! You are the one that needs to find what makes you feel your best.

What this looks like is going to look different for each person. Let me give you an example of one of my favorites. This one is contingent on the kids so it doesn’t always go perfectly.

My Perfect Moment of Renewing and Uplifting Myself

I like to wake up when it is still cold and dark outside, not too early but around 7am right now is still pretty dark.

My coffee maker is programmed the night before so I can simply come downstairs in my robe and pour a perfect cup of the warm steaming brew.

dark morning of quiet time

At this point I will pause and light a beautiful beeswax candle. I like to sit and look out the window with just that candle glowing as a beacon of hope for my coming day.

After a while I will pop open my current relaxing read and try to get a chapter in before the kids wake up.

As you can see this is nothing fancy. It’s just peace and quiet and a little me time.

It’s that simple.

So now I have to ask. What is your perfect quiet, peaceful moment? Drop it in the chat below and let me know. I can’t wait to share some quiet time of renewing ourselves during these winter months.

It’s time to renew and uplift yourself.

Uplife and Renew Yourself meme