Product Reviews

Check out our latest product reviews right here. I may try out essential oils, new plant varieties, educational items, or homesteading items. This is the place you can come to find all of my honest reviews.

Do you have a specific item you would like me to review? Leave a suggestion here or email it to me at I am happy to dig deep to give you honest product reviews.

Complete List of Homestead Product Reviews

The Bokashi Composter: This is a product that I am still using. It has been several years since my initial review of this product and I’m still loving it to this day. Be sure to check out the complete review.

Complete List of Homeschool Product Reviews

Kids Cook Real Food E-Course: This e-course is a wonderful option for families looking to teach life skills. I originally purchased this course when Tractor Man was 4 years old. Five years later and I’m now using it with my younger two sons. I love that the VIP membership comes with lifetime access. Who knows, maybe someday I will use it to teach my grand children.