It is that time of year again.  The time after the holidays when I look at my budget, that I almost followed for Christmas,  and wince because I didn’t quite perfect it again.

Save as may this always seems to happen.  I then vow that next year will be different, and one of these years I will get it right.  I am greatly improved from previous years.

To make things smoother I have found my annual solution.  A February Freeze, a spending freeze that is.

Three years ago, when money was much tighter for us I stumbled upon this rather radical idea.  You can find the link here if you are interested in trying this for your family.

While we follow the majority of the basic rules found on the above mentioned website we do allow for a few more things.  For example, we agree that bread, milk, eggs and fresh produce are all things we can purchase.  However, we set a weekly allotment or mini budget for it to keep it as low as possible.

This idea of having no outside spending, besides bills, basic foods and gas may seem out there to may but it really humbled our family.

My pantry and freezers will get a good once over before I start planning meals.  Things will get used up and cleared out.  If you have them, children and spouse will become annoyed over lack of favorites.  Wait sometimes that is me…

The end result is always amazing though. Our first year we did this we saved five hundred dollars.  Year two was on track for 800 but an unexpected medical visit made it closer to 600.

Six hundred dollars!  Yes I was very pleased. My husband overjoyed. So much so that we decided to do another freeze in March, I wouldn’t recommend that.  Back to back spending freezes is NOT easy.

So as we prepare for this radical approach to saving money I invite you to join us.  If you do not want to join us please follow along as my family and I attempt to live well within our means during February.

I will be providing weekly updates, meal suggestions, and over all encouragement as we take on this challenge.  It will be hard, but it will be great for us and our pocketbook.

Please join us!

Happy homesteading.