The conversation today with Tractor Man was very enlightening.  I realized that some things are said only on a farm.

Most of you know by now that my husband and I raise and breed purebred Poland China show pigs.  The key with raising and breeding them is really all about genetics.  While we love our boar, Merc, we do purchase semen from boar studs occasionally.

Knowing these simple things made the conversation with Tractor Man today both practical and hilarious at the same time.

After discussing Christmas and purchasing gifts, Tractor Man asked me what I wanted Santa to bring me.  I responded sewing stuff since my sewing machine recently quit working this made sense.

Tractor Man said he wanted toys, of course.  And Rascal, our beagle, wants a new ball-according to Tractor Man.

Once his list was complete he decided to just say it to Santa instead of writing.  After all Santa is listening.

Tractor Man says “Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like some new toys and for Tag Along new toys too.  A ball for Rascal.  Sewing stuff for mom.  Some pig stuff for dad.  And some semen. And a toy for Bobcat.  Thanks”.

I stood stunned at what my four year old had just said.  Then I realized that here on our homestead they are learning some real life things.  I know he does not understand the birds and the bees, nor does he need to at his age, but he does understand farming.

I know my boys are growing fast and the conversation today showed me there is much to learn. Some of those lessons will probably be found only on the farm.

I hope when Christmas comes Santa brings you all you are hoping for.  have the heart of a young child and find joy simply.  And Santa though we would use it, please no semen under our tree.

Happy homesteading everyone!