The bees will be coming mid-April and to be completely honest I’m a little freaked out!  I know what I am taking on but to be honest until I get that first hand experience I think I will stay overwhelmed for a while.

I first got ten hives, a motorized 20 frame extractor, capping knife and a few other key supplies as a barter for some of our show pigs from a regular customer of ours.  It was a win-win for both of us as they no longer raise bees and still needed our pigs.  We would have sold them the pigs but it was just easier to barter and so much more fun!

So, after picking up all of my goodies I ordered my bees in late January or early February from a local apiary.  I do not have the set arrival date yet but I know they will be coming.

I still need to make my trip to the local bee supplier to secure a bee suit, this is one thing that was well used from the barter and for stinging sake I feel more secure getting a new one.

I also found a wonderful mentor!  He is an older gentleman that I learned of from our local feed store.  You can always count on the feed stores to know these types of things.  E.R. is a knowledgeable man with dozens of years experience raising bees.  He only stopped about a year ago as he is 85 and lifting the frames has gotten to be to much.  I can’t wait to give him a big jar of honey thank you!  I’ll probably give him some maple syrup too.

I am reading up on everything and anything bee related that I can get my hands on.  And through it all I must remain calm!  If I begin to express my unease, Sir Swine will not approve of the entire situation.  Sir Swine is very concerned about there being bees all over the homestead during the warm months.

So here is my plan.  Keep calm, prepare for the sting (they say it is going to happen), and enjoy the sweet rewards later.

Feel free to leave a note if you have knowledge or questions.  I am happy to help and always taking advice!

Happy Homesteading!