Ah yes. The famous beginning of a new year and creating goals for ourselves.  I must admit this is one area where I am no good at keeping it in check.

Though I try year after year to make good, solid, hopefully attainable goals I always finish my year wanting to scream.  Am I really that pathetic that I cannot stay focused for 365, oh wait leap year, 366 days?!?!

Ah, yes!  Ok maybe not pathetic but always busy.  Well no more!

This year my biggest goal (I’m not a big fan of the word resolution) is to actually follow through with my lists of goals.  I’m so serious about this I even have a journal to keep track of how I’m doing.  My plan is to sit down and give myself a monthly report.

This year we will be dumping debt, paying more towards our house, eating healthier, and saving more.  Yes, I’m mainly focused on the money side of things…that’s because I can see the end in sight.

By the end of 2016 we will all be living well and only owe on our house.  Isn’t that worth pushing for?

So my goal isn’t all about health or foods or traveling to exotic places.  I will instead be focusing on that original American dream…a house, kids, white picket fence (our fence will be wire as cattle don’t always respect wood). 

A year of self-sacrifice so that I can call this all my very own.  How can it not be a great goal.

Happy New Year from our homestead to yours.