Welcome back to Simple Steady Home.  I have a surprise for all of you today.  It’s an announcement!

I have been trying to come up with ways to connect us and make Simple Steady Home more interactive and I have found something that I think many of us will enjoy, myself included.  A monthly craft!

Each month I will be posting a new craft for anyone to try.  Tutuorials will include instruction, a list of materials needed (you may change these to personalize them of course), and ideas to go with your DIY project for use.

The projects, or crafts as I tend to call them, range from basic skills in sewing to intermediate skills in woodworking.  Areas of interest also include baking, knitting, decorating, preserving, plants and animals.  Really the possibilities are endless.  The crafts are ment to be simple and affordable.  This is my way of helping you create a little homestead touch no matter where you are.

The crafts will follow along with the time frame of the season and are ment to be useful in your home or outdoor spaces.  For example, our fist craft will be posted next week and is directed towards Spring and Easter.

So please follow along and bring a friend as we start into our own DIY projects.  This will be a fun event for you and a friend to enjoy together once a month.  These are simple projects ment to be fun for all to enjoy.  Try your hand at it as the cost is low but the joy of a finished project is high.  Let’s all have a bit of free fun together!

Happy homesteading everyone!

Be sure to watch for next weeks post, which will be our first Craft of the Month based on spring!