Keep it, throw it, or give it away? Our last week has been filled with this series of questions.  But how do you make those choices? Are there things I should keep that I’m not? 

Moving madness has begun here on the homestead.  I feel as though I am in a never ending circle of chaos.

The new house is well kept and in great order.  The old house in complete disarray. Me, what about me?  Oh, I’m running around in circles half the time not able to focus.

The good news is that a good nights sleep helps to quiet my mind so I can think more clearly.  At least for a few hours…

Two weeks ago we completed the office.  This week’s goal was the guest bedroom.  I’m so happy to report that it too is finished! 


Two rooms completed, small victory for me.  It’s the little things in life. 

Much to my surprise Tractor Man has decided he needs to start moving as well.  It started at seven last night when he was pushing, pulling and dragging.    his bed in the kitchen.


“I need to take my bed to my new room.  I brought it here. Dad will put it in the red truck then in my room upstairs.” He rattled this entire statement off in two seconds without taking a breath and using lots of hand actions.

When Dad got home they loaded it up and took it over as a team.  I must say it was really cute to watch him act so grown up.


Dad and Tractor Man loading the bed.

The process is slow, the hours are long, but once this move is complete I know we will love it.

Happy homesteading everyone.