Recently I had the honor of being nominated for the Liebster Award. I must say I was so surprised and extremely happy.  I was nominated by the author of the fantastic blog, Becoming A Wild Family.  I follow this blog and really enjoy how they have grown to incorporate nature in everyday life.  Check out her post on sit-upons.  Great idea and I will be making some soon.

I am also asked to nominate five blogs that I find to be amazing. Here are my five nominations.  Be sure to check them out.

  1. Police to Pioneer :  This blog is wonderful.  I refer to it regularly.  The author just started raising bees a few years ago so this is my go to place for basic help with my bees.
  2. How to Provide :  A great to head to when you need to be reminded about the basics in life.  Rachel does a wonderful job of combining poetic notes with everyday life.
  3. The Modern Farm Girl :  A passion for trees led me to this blog.  Like myself, the author is also spending time planting and enjoying trees.  On her blog advice I will be heading into my mother’s woods to dig saplings to plant on our homestead.
  4. Kids on the Trek :  Here is a wonderful homeschooling and parenting blog.  This family is often busy and adventuring.
  5. Boots & Hooves Homestead :  This blog reminds me of my own homestead.  A daily labor of kids, critters and household chores resonate with us both.

As part of this award I am asked to answer a few questions about myself.   My questions and answers are below. Enjoy!!!

1. Do you have pets ?
Several, I practically have my own zoo at times.  We have cats, a dog-Rascal, plenty of generic wildlife that Rascal usually chases.  Pigs, lots and lots of show pigs.  We will be bringing in new baby chicks to add to the flick in three days and honey bees on April  18th.  Like I mentioned almost a zoo.
2. What is the last thing you crafted or made?
I recently made this decorative box as my craft of the month on my blog.  I was half done with a mini knit project for next month and Tag Along strung it out…back to square one.
3. What is your favorite season and why?
All of them!  How odd but yes all of them.  I love plants starting, growing and harvesting in spring, summer and fall.  I also adore winter and would have moved to Alaska by now if only Sir Swine, my hubby, would agree to it.
4. What would your escape plan be for a zombie apocalypse?
I’m not to familiar with zombies so I’m going to go with turn them vegan and plant a BIG garden.
5. Would you rather hike on a concrete path or dirt path? Why?
Dirt path! So much more to see and explore. A little dirt never hurt.
6. What is your favorite tree and why?
Sugar maple.  We are enjoying the bounty of sap season right now and I can’t wait to enjoy our maple syrup.
7. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Pretty much anything.  Especially if I don’t have to share it with two hungry boys.
8. When in a beautiful garden, are you ever tempted to look for fairies…just in case?
Why not! Being a kid is a magical time. If I start it they will believe too! Knowing Tractor Man he will leave things for Tinkerbell to use. I can’t wait to try this in the garden.
9. Any gardening tips?
Oh boy.  What do you want to know. Best one, start your own sweet potatoes.  It is super easy and you can get between 5-15 plants started from one sweet potatoe submerged a few inches in water on one end.  Mason hard work great for this. Try it you will be happy you did.  And that counts as a teachable moment for your little ones.
10. Favorite book to read aloud?
Harry Potter for my kids. For Sir Swine and I The Heist or The Chase by Jamey Evanovich and Lee Goldberg.  Very entertaining series.

My questions for my nominees are as follows:

1. What is the strangest thing to happen on your homestead/property?

2. Sunrise or Sunset?  Why?

3. Most creative moment you have ever had?

4. Ever try something and then wish you hadn’t?  Why?

5. If you could meet any celebrity who would it be?

6. Biggest project you have planned for this year?

7. Are you artistic, or are you stick people (yup that would be me)?

8. Do you compost?

9. Did you have a tree fort?

10.  Ever make a mud pie or use sticks as swords?

I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure in the blog world.  I know that you will enjoy stopping by my nominees as well.

Enjoy the start of spring.  Happy homesteading everyone