Last year I took a delightful course online called Hibernate.  If you are interested the course is still open until Friday, so it is not to late to join if you like what you hear.  Hibernate is simply put all things beautiful about the winter weather.  A home retreat, which is self-paced, that enables the individual to find inner peace, warming and happiness in the depths of winter.

When you think about it hibernation in nature is truly a beautiful thing.  Animals are forced to make one of three choices: head south, stay and tough it out, or hibernate.

It’s not often that I would say that I choose the easiest of the three but when given the opportunity I would happily hibernate as a bear versus flying south like a Canadian goose or even more extreme as a Monarch Butterfly.  Yes I would be a bear.  Happily sleeping away the winter, oblivious to the world around me.

As humans we are given the gift of choosing, after all some of us still do fly south *smile*.  But really hibernation is not an option in our society today.  We have to work, we need food, we need companionship but most of all I think we all really do need a bit of REST.  And I do not mean the kind you are forced to take when ill.  Just simple, peaceful rest.

Yes, there are parts of this course that I do not fully participate in.  Like the beautiful dish drying matt so many made last year (I finally got a dishwasher so I’m letting it work for me).  But there are still many parts of Hibernate where I step out of my comfort zone and simply try them.  Who knew that a homemade Chai tea blend could be one of my favorite warm beverages-prior to this I hated chai teas.

The point is this, in today’s busy society we so seldom take time to simply rest-for body, mind and soul.  I know that I have benefited from taking this relaxing course and I’m sure you could as well.  Don’t feel pressured to join the class-I have NO AFFILIATION with them-but do take time to do a bit of hibernating for yourself.  You may find a peace that only the ice, snow and cold of winter can bring.

Grab a cup of something warm, snuggle under your blanket and watch in awe of those critters that brave the winter toughing it out (No, I don’t mean your neighbors…well maybe).

Happy Hibernating!

From Mama Bear

Here is the link to the course if you are interested.