I wanted to share a very personal item with you and as many others as possible today. For that reason I am guest posting today. You can read all about how I’m pregnant and I’m terrified at the link below.

Our Big Pregnancy Announcement

As a surprise to everyone we are finally announcing that we are pregnant, 7 months pregnant.  To many it may seem strange that we waited so long to tell everyone that we were expecting. For those that have suffered a miscarriage you understand our delay.

We have had some ups and downs in the past, as many of you know, and this baby has been no less demanding.

Baby Update

As an update our little guy robbed his mommy of all fat reserves. For the last three months of the pregnancy I was losing weight instead of gaining. Thankfully, while I was losing weight he was still slowly gaining. Our little boy was born three weeks early via c-section. He was a breach baby and bless his heart failed miserably on his apgar scores but is healthy as can be. We are very thankful for this little guy.

I have been working with my good friend Meredith Canaan O’Brien over at the Mom’s Relationship Support Network and we thought that today’s post would reach more mom’s struggling with the same difficulties there.

Guest Posting On My Pregnancy

In a bit of different fashion today my post is being found as a guest post on the Mom’s Relationship Support Network.  I am including a link for you here so that you can find it with ease.

This post is truly for every mother who has ever walked through the shoes of miscarriage previously. It is not an easy road and my heart goes out to you.

The post is entitled “I’m Pregnant, and I’m Terrified” and it is a quick read.  If you have any troubles finding it just let me know.

Please feel free to comment here as well.  I love to hear from you!

Keeping it simple 🙂