Recently I have been talking money and groceries with my sister-in-laws. While all of us are trying our hardest to save money for our family it seems the one area we women tend to fall short is when it comes to buying groceries.

Now I am the type that really enjoys my envelope system (google Dave Ramsey’s envelope system if you are unfamiliar with this concept) but even I have to really discipline myself to hold on to some of that cash for later in the month. It is hard not to buy everything we want for our family to eat.

Here is my simple solution. I am providing for you some simple inexpensive meals for you to make for your family over the next week.  My hope is that prices for products are similar throughout our many areas or that they will be slightly similar.

So get ready because I am taking over planning your dinners for the next week. I’m providing you with a grocery list so it will be a one trip deal-be sure you pick up your milk.  Each day I will walk you through using your ingredients that we have already purchased.  Prepare to save some time and money since I will be doing all the planning you can take a break!

Here is your grocery list:

1 lb butter (2.39 Aldi)

10 lb bag of potatoes- watch prices per bag sometimes the smaller bag is a better deal (2.99 Aldi)

2 lb hamburger (2.99-there was a sale here)

3 lb bag onion (1.99 Aldi)

Ham steak-smoked cooked ham slice (4.50 Aldi)

1 bag carrots (.99 Aldi)

1 dozen eggs (1.18 Aldi)

1 box minute rice (3.00 Wal-Mart)

1 bag frozen corn (1.00 Wal-Mart)

1 bag frozen green beans (1.00 Wal-Mart)

2 cans cream of mushroom soup (.69 each Aldi)

1 can tuna ( 1.25 Wal-Mart)

1 bag/box pasta noddles (small sized noodles) (1.25 Wal-Mart)

Mayonnaise (2.39 Aldi)

Bread (.86 Aldi for a loaf of white bread)

Cucumbers (.49 each Aldi)

3 lb. Chicken Breasts ( 1.79 a pound Aldi 5.37)

3 lbs. chicken thighs (.99 a pound Aldi) 2.97

1 head lettuce (1.19 Aldi)

Go get those groceries and look for even better deals than what I was able to get. Good luck! Meals will be starting tomorrow night and you will be fully ready to enjoy some comfort foods.