As a parent my number one goal every summer is to get my boys outside as much as possible. The easiest way I have found to do this is to get kids into nature with gardening.

Those first few weeks of summer the new found freedom makes them excited to be outdoors. Once the July and August heat set in though it’s a whole different story.

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My Favorite Way to Get Kids Outside

Of course as a homesteading mama, two of my favorite ways to get my kids into nature involve what we already are growing and raising here on the homestead.

Livestock and gardening.

Let me explain what makes these two things my favorite ways to get my kids outdoors. Don’t worry if you don’t have a homestead I still have several great ways to get your kids outside listed in my FREE ebook 5 Ways to Get Your Kids Into Nature.

Using Livestock to Get Kids Outside

My boys of course have their own animals here on the homestead. Our oldest wanted chickens since the day he was born and our second child always wanted ducks. They each have these animals and they are soley responsible for caring for these animals. They started this at the age of 7 and as they grow older they are allowed to get more animals.

The key thing that we watch for with our children is that they are responsible for these animals. We don’t have to remind them, argue about doing their chores or even talk about the nightly routine to lock the birds in. Our boys know that this is their responsiblity and they are proud of it.

These birds are also a great way to get our kids outside. They love finding areas for the birds to free range (during a non-avian flu season) and making play areas for them with the pool for the ducks. Hours and hours are spent outside holding them and playing with them in the grass, getting the birds to follow them and then seeing what critters they will eat (we were surprised and a little sad to find out our chickens liked toads).

Most importantly our boys are outside making memories of these great moments as they are growing up. Talk about a win-win for everyone involved.

Gardening to Get Your Kids Outside

My other favorite way to get my kids outdoors, especially when they are little is through gardening. Even the smallest child can help you in the garden and that is what makes gardening so perfect.

My boys have started gardening with me at the age of one. Mind you at this age most of the time it’s more of a chore than a help but it’s still a lot of fun memories to look back on later when they grow up.

Gardening allows them to explore the world around them which in turn will create even more interest in nature. The safe space that you can provide for your children in the family garden lets them learn about plants and animals. They also learn about how things grow and die. They will get to see food grown before their very eyes and take pride in the fact that they helped you to grow those things.

I often suggest that you let your kids lead when it comes to the family garden. What they are capable of varies by age but truly by the age of 8 they can be a HUGE help in the garden, especially during harvest.

How to get Your Kids Excited About Gardening

Sometimes it’s hard to get our kids excited to start something new. Especially if it’s something they have never done before, or even that we have never done before. Don’t worry though gardening is truly something that it’s easy to get your kids excited to do.

Here are three easy ways that you can get your kids excited to start gardening.

#1 – Visit A Nursery or Greenhouse

Take your kids to a local greenhouse or nursery so they can explore and learn about all the different varieties of plants there are to enjoy. This can be a wild adventure for them if you visit more than one place too.

Let them make a a list of their favorites and help you decide what should be planted in the garden this year. Be sure to listen to what they want to grow but also ask them why they want to grow that item. Sometimes the answer to their why will leave you laughing but also agreeing to grow the item. Kids say the dardest things after all.

#2 – Grow Their Favorite Foods

As I mentioned above let your kids lead by deciding some of the plants that you will grow. This will help them to feel ownership for what is growing and in turn get them more excited about the entire gardening experience.

If you want to take it a step farther you can find some great recipes that could be created from items harvested from the garden. If cooking with your kids is a new idea to you then I strongly suggest you take a look at this course on kids cooking where you can learn to have your children create real food dishes made by the kids themselves. My kids have loved it and you can see my original post on this topic right here.

As an important side note remind your children that some of their favorite foods may take the longest to grow. Strawberries and asparagus, while both delicious and amazing because they will return year after year, are two plants that take a solid year or more to really establish themselves and grow enough for your family to enjoy. Patience is the key with these items.

Gardening for Kids - A gardening course created with kids for kids

#3 – Take a Class on Gardening

Since gardening with my kids is so near and dear to my heart last year we decided to create a course that would help families to get started gardening together. We wanted to make it simple and easy for parents but also fun for the kids involved.

The Gardening for Kids e-course was created by our family for every family out there. We even made sure to include a variety of plants so that you are sure to find something that works with the space you have. With your lifetime membership you will learn how to grow over 8 different plants. We talk about transplanting, pruning, harvesting and of course eating these homegrown treats as well.

Our lifetime membership includes all of these great goodies and it’s yours as long as my business is online (so hopefully forever *smiley face*). Each lesson has a video demonstration taking your from planting to harvest of the individual item as well as a printable PDF that you can take right out to the garden with you. Our private Facebook group lets you share your gardening wins and stuggles with everyone.

If you are serious about getting your kids into the garden this year then this is a solid investment for your family. Currently we have the course priced at just $27 but that price will be going up as we continue to add new plants to the course year after year. Don’t worry if you have the lifetime membership then you will be ensured to have all of those future upgrades included in your one time payment of $27 it’s as simple as that.

Let my kids and I take the pressure off of you when it comes to gardening with your kids. Together we can show your children how to grow their own food and help you create lasting memories outside with them in the garden.

Raise Gardening Kids for a Lifetime

Teaching your kids to garden is a great way to raise gardeners for a lifetime. Gardening kids are those that can problem solve. They can think outside the box and create plans for something bigger.

Your kids will learn so much from being outside in the garden with you. They will learn how to be responsible, independent, self-thinkers, critical thinkers, organized and of course patient.

Parents please take the leap and start the adventure of gardening with your kids today so that you can create those lasting memories and provide them with valuable lifeskills.

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