Learn How to Get You Kids Outside and Into the Garden!

Do you want to create lasting memories and connection with your kids?

We can help with that!

Gardening will not only get your kids outdoors and connecting with you in a meaningful way but it will also provide them with so many amazing benefits.


When children grow their own food they become more curious which leads to them trying new foods to eat.

Health Benefits

Fresh air, natural Vitamin D from the sun and microorganisms from the soil are just a few of the great health benefits of gardening.


Science comes to life in the garden. Plants, bugs, erosion and weather all are lessons that will come to life for your child.

Get your kids gardening today!

Gardening for Kids is an online course that will provide your child with the knowledge they need to get started gardening today.

While Kids Garden They Learn How To:




What Our Members Are Saying

100% Satisfied Customers

Costello Family, New York

"This course is so wonderful. I learned something new with every.single.week! I’ve been gardening awhile, but to do it with my three year old was so special…especially watching him make the connection between planting, tending, harvesting…and eating! His favorite part!"

Start gardening today!

What's Included In the Course:

  • A video tutorial that will take your family through each of the plants in the course from seed to harvest.
  • Lessons for 8 different garden vegetables (more coming yearly!)
  • Printable PDF's that you can print to take right out into the garden with you
  • Bonus Materials including a private Facebook group and a seed storage container
Gardening for Kids - A gardening course created with kids for kids

"As the mom of an energetic toddler, I’m always trying to get her outside and exploring more. As a new gardener, I love sharing my gardening time with her for us to learn together. Gardening for Kids was exactly what we needed to learn how to grow amazing vegetables together."

Vianna D. Family