I’m so excited to tell you all that the Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle is now available! It’s a great bundle with a mixture of gardening and sustainable living resources.

I just completed my own purchase and I am looking forward to the bonus items as well. I have always been a fan of MadeOn hard lotion and I always snag a free lip balm for my sister when I get the chance to add it to my cart. For myself I am most looking forward to Orta Self-Watering Seedpot (see image below). How cute is that!?!?

I think the most amazing part is that you get all of the products in the bundle, worth $577, for only $19.99.

Since we moved to our new farm I have had to start all over again on my garden. Part of that process has been making raised beds. I know that for me I will be looking at The Raised Beds Mini Bundle: PLAN, BUILD, FILL, GROW & HARVEST. I will also be looking into the herbs book, Ten Herbs At Home, since I just planted my herb garden this last weekend.

If you are interested in gardening or homesteading hop on over and take a look at the Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle.

Happy gardening everyone!