I am not perfect.  In fact I think it is safe to say I am far from it.

With the chaos of moving, putting Tractor Man in wrestling, and the holidays I am just plain tired out!  Who isn’t though right!?!?

So as I use the last bits of my energy to gather the motivation to get through another very snowy day I have to wonder am I alone in this complete lack of perfection?  Can I get any better or is this it?

These questions mumble around inside my head as I shovel our new foot of snow.  I thought this would be a good surprise for when Swine Specialist (my husband) got home.  Ah, yes that is correct I said a foot!!

That’s when it strikes me as an imperfect moment of perfection. Yes, I just made a semi-contradicting statement. Hang in there I can explain.

Like the snow we are all perfectly imperfect.  Some of us are light and fluffy, others heavy, and some of us have even stranger issues (yellow snow-that would be courtesy of the dog).  The point is that although there are all these different types of snow when you are looking from your window out to the snow covered earth all you see is a beautiful blanket of white.

White snowy perfection that glissens in the sun.  Drifted and shaped by its environment but still simple and beautiful.  Perfect.

Maybe perfection isn’t what I have always been told it is.  Maybe perfection is as simple as a state of mind. Maybe it’s our own ability to just be satisfied with what we have, who we are, and to not always feel the need to have the next best thing.

The snow was exceedingly heavy and deep but I managed.  I also returned to the house with a happier frame of mind. Like that snow I’m not carefree and light.  But maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to enjoy the light and fluffy carefree side of life each day in simple things.

Perfection is not perfect, it’s simply what you make of it.