As a garden lover that is always looking to expand my garden space I was thrilled to see that Emerging Green had offered me a chance to test out one of their products. Today I’m going to be sharing all about these Emerging Green hanging basket review.

Please know that I am NOT being paid for this post and it is given with my honest opinion on the product. I was given the product for free but paid for shipping. The following is my honest review.

hanging basket with beautiful flowers

About Emerging Greens

Emerging Green works to use reusable and recycled raw materials to create their many products. Seventy percent of their products are created from recycled or sustainable sources. That can make a big impact on our environment especially when looking at the long-term results.

To learn more about Emerging Green and all of there products check them out here:

Emerging Green Hanging Baskets Details

One of the first things that I noticed about these planters was that they are built to last. As a mother of busy boys who love to help me in the garden I need things to be pretty hardy. Add the impacts of winds in our area and it is a MUST to have something that can withstand the elements…and my children.

The baskets themselves are a durable wire with a coir lining. The wire used is cast-iron and painted a simple black that has a rust protection coating on it. This gives the baskets a classic look that honestly goes perfectly with our deck and shop areas. They scream farmhouse to me but would look great on a property that isn’t exactly like ours as well. VERSATILE is key with this product.

Emerging Green sells these baskets in a set of three for about $30. This is a pretty good price considering the quality and the fact that you are getting THREE baskets for that price. This is great because who seriously only purchases one?

How I’m Using My New Hanging Baskets

Around our homestead hanging baskets have been on my list but they never quite make it to the top and actually get purchased. To be completely honest this is because around here there are really only two options when it comes to purchasing locally.

  1. Purchase a cheap plastic basket that is going to be brittle and break by the end of the growing season.
  2. Purchase a $25 already planted hanging basket from a local nursery.

While the above options are okay, I really wanted to be able to have some creative freedom about the plants we had and to pick my own colors and determine what would work for my space. I also wanted something that was sustainable and would last through the elements.

I love that these baskets provide me with an opportunity to bring nature into our home more during the cold fall and winter months here in Minnesota. I’m already planning my corner space where I can use these baskets to winter over some of my less resilient plants. Having the ability to hang plants in corners will be fantastic instead of corner plant stands which can often get tipped over.

Built to Last

With these baskets it has been an adventure. My boys helped me plant them not once, not twice but three times!! And I don’t mean once for each basket.

My youngest has been a bit rough on the plants within them so they were re-planted three times during this growing season alone.

To date they have survived my children, two hail storms, 80 mph winds that threw a one ton feeder for pigs across our yard and my favorite part is that the company itself backs their product for 12 months. At this point I haven’t found any flaws with their integrity and after all of those wild wind storms that is saying something.

A quick update for you. I left one of these baskets out by my garden space through the winter and I’m happy to report that the coir is holding up well and there is still not a speck of rust on it. Very good for a Minnesota winter.

If you want to learn more about Emerging Green and all the fantastic sustainable products they create check them out here. I’ll be looking into their soap making kit next. I have to say that Mac, the owner and creator, is really taking his dream of using recycled and sustainable materials seriously and I adore that. Our family too is striving to decrease our impact on Mother Nature and use the most sustainable options available. Whenever I can find another business who supports these views as well I’m excited to join forces for a better world.

Our Planted Baskets

My planted baskets have been outdoors now for a few months and they are still looking great. As I mentioned the boys helped me to plant them and on the third planting (the second planting was pulled out because there was a bug crawling in the flowers LOL) I went for some simple annual flowers.

I used a simple planting mixture from our local store to fill the baskets and I LOVE that the coir liner allows for easy drainage while also retaining plenty of water within the soil for the plants. We had 2″ of rainfall one afternoon and I thought for sure the that planters would be swimming or washed away but they drained off all the excess water and the flowers were doing great. No need for me to spill them out at all.

drainage image from hanging basket

I’m also thrilled to report that the chains, which are the part I worried about the most since our chains always get broken around here, are holding up nicely. There are no signs of rust which is fairly typical to non-plastic hanging baskets. We had one basket that did get kinked at the location closest to the main basket but we were able to successfully undo the mix links.

The coir liner does not show any signs of fading or leaking. I’m really impressed by how well the weave of the coconut coir lining is holding up. I have not had any soil particles make their way through the liner even with the major rainfall and winds.

Our Final Homestead Review of Emerging Green Hanging Baskets

For our family and our homestead this product is an easy LOVE IT answer. It’s something that we actually use and are truly enjoying. I’m excited to finish my garden expansion so that I can add several more of these baskets to my greenhouse area for vine based plants. Stay tuned to see more about these baskets and home I’m using them in the future.

These would also be great to grow herbs in if you were interested. You could start them inside these baskets right away in the house and then simply move them outdoors when the time is right. Plus it will allow you to harden them off if you live in the northern climates.

Best Parts About Emerging Green Hanging Baskets

  • Coir sustainable basket base
  • Coir allows for easy drainage even in the worst weather
  • Hardy and durable wire material
  • Rust resistent wire material
  • Hold up to high winds and severe weather

A Fun Note to Close on and a Chance to Win

As a fun little incentive, Emerging Green is offering those that have a hanging basket a chance to win a $100 gift card. To enter you simply need to send them a video of a bird enjoying your hanging basket. A new winner is chosen MONTHLY! If you enter and win please let me know since I would love to add that information here.