The new year has begun and I gave my self a rather vague but lofty goal for the year.  This is a year that will hold one theme through the days…getting things done.

Vague I know, but very powerful when you take a step back and realize that we, or at least I, often do not take the time to simple complete a task.  Like what you may ask?  Well one quick example I can think of is a black and white quilt.

Yes, a black and white quilt that I have had it since our second year of marriage…we just celebrated our nine year anniversary in September.  I had all of the squares completed and really it was looking great.  Then I got a job at a bank and felt overwhelmed with the quilt project.  So, silly me, I put it into a box and there it sat until recently.

end of year

In the spirit of getting things done I managed, with only a few minor mistakes, to get the quilt top completed!  The only thing stopping me currently from continuing farther is a trip to the fabric store.  Sir Swine has decided that a queen size is nice but a king size would be better, and I am inclined to agree.  Once the last piece of fabric is purchased  I will continue on and update you all as well.

What else does it mean to get things done?  On the first of the year Sir Swine and I rented a blower and blew insulation into the attic of the new pig finishing shed we had built.  We had waited thinking it would be a daunting task but it only took us a few hours and a very cold time outside. *side note: Thank you to my Mom for watching the boys while we did this.*  Insulation complete, heating bill less, and peace of mind.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions we often come up with lofty goals that are new projects or plans for ourselves.  Really I think one of the best things we can do is to take a step back and ask ourselves “What is getting in my way, bogging me down, or holding me back?”.  There really is no better feeling than that of success from finishing a project.

I should know, I just took on the task of cleaning a few cabinets in the kitchen island that have become the “dump all” location in the house.  Do you have one of those?  I will say it feels great to know that they are more organized now. Unfortunately, I also realized I have way to many cleaning products and I also found a few long forgotten kitchen rag knitting projects I had been working on.

No matter, I will simply add them to the mental list, or physical pile, of things that I am going to get done this year.  No more waiting to get things done.  This is the time to simply get them done.

I’m off to clean the fridge, that is after all what super women do.

Happy homesteading.

What do you need or want to get done this year?