As moving madness continues here between our homesteads I find myself trying to figure out what to do for our chickens.


The weather is changing fast and this weekend may be our last warm one for awhile.  Knowing this I feel I need to get my laying hens moved as soon as I can. 
Trouble is, our new housing for the chickens needs a bit of work.  If not a completely new structure.

To make matters even more challenging upon entering the driveway the other day I spotted a beautiful, healthy, full grown and frisky fox running out of our yard.  Something tells me he is not above having a nice chicken dinner.

Knowing all of this I plan to repair the new coop as best I can and pray that our little wild friend keeps his distance.

Anyone know any great designs for a chicken coop?  Or even better, a way to keep a fox from my laying hens?