As the new year approaches I am often left in thought about how our society puts so much pressure on us to improve ourselves.  While finding ways to be healthier, happier and save more money are all great things, who is “society” to tell us how we should be living?
The famous New Year’s Resolution is one that can cause a lot of pressure to be placed on oneself.  Often times these resolutions are unrealistic and simply cause further distress to us since we set ourselves up to fall short of our goal.

So as the new year arrives I encourage you to follow these three simple steps to creating a resolution that does the most important thing out there, supports you.  It’s time for you to do what you want and feel good about it.  Here are the three steps to help you create the best resolution for yourself and not our society.  Happy New Year!

#1:  Consider a Realistic Goal that Brings You Joy and Happiness

What better way to ensure success than to plan for something realistic! Making a realistic goal allows you the opportunity to reach the challenge you have set. In return this will bring you more joy and happiness. So keep it logical and you will be happy you did.

#2:  Create an Action Plan of Attainable Steps

This is basically your goal taken and shortened into more manageable daily, weekly or monthly pieces.  Having a plan of clearing ten acres of land or losing fifty pounds in a year is very realistic.  However, if you do not take the steps to make it into smaller bite size pieces you will be left feeling overwhelmed by the massive overall picture.

Take the time to calculate out what you can be doing each month.  Starting there allows you to really chip away at the big picture.  Then pencil in time during each month that you are going to dedicate to this goal.  That could be working out twice a week, setting aside a weekend a month to clear land, or researching the process of owning your own bees.  This is your goal!  Don’t let me or society decide how you should approach your dream.

#3:  Take Steps Toward Success and Map Your Progress

Often times, at least for myself, I want to see success right away but that may not be the case. If you have set a challenging goal for yourself it could take six months or even the full year before you have completed it.

That’s ok but I suggest milestone markers to celebrate along the way.

Nothing makes you work harder and feel more confident than achieving a bit of encouragement along the way. Make your overall all goal into manageable steps and CELEBRATE when you achieve them.

So the new year is here. Its time to decide what you would like to do differently or improve on this year. Take a moment to make a list and then halo yourself by making sure you are using these three dimple steps to help you reach your success.

Happy new year! And as always happy homesteading.