This last week has been really hard for me on the homestead. It has been very difficult but it has served as a great reminder to simply appreciate the moments in life.

Last week we went from being pregnant, to thinking we were miscarrying again, to rushing into out doctors office. We are so blessed to have one of the most amazing doctors in the area.

A quick exam showed that I needed surgery. I’m an anxious person so this threw me way out of my comfort zone.

Since having the surgery I have been down. Timing couldn’t have been worse or more perfect. Yes, I just completely contadicted myself.

Everything happened the night before we were set to leave for World Pork Expo. My mom was headed down to join us so although most of our Expo trip was changed I had my mom to help me while Sir Swine was working.

Tonight at the hotel while trying to be more upbeat I simply sat out by the poolside and watched my children enjoy life.


Tractor Man enjoying time with 'GaGa'.

In that simple moment they were joyful. All the chaos of my health, the trip, of life was simply put aside to enjoy that moment.

Splashing, happy and carefree.


Tractor Man learning to swim.

Our homestead is a great place of peace for me. While I enjoy the places are show pigs take us, I will be working to be more vigilant in seeing joy and appreciating the simpliest of moments wherever I am.

Learning to appreciate every moment of joy. Being content with the simple things in life. Loving what God has given us, although we may not always understand. Joy can be found in those moments.

This week I would like to encourage all of you to simply sit and just be on your homestead. Finding something to love and cherish around you. Watching a bee buzz from flower to flower, kids laughing as they catch lightening bugs, a child sleeping. Find those joys and cherish them for just a moment.


Tag Along exhausted from swimming.

Happy homesteading.