I have been blessed to have grown up in a very rural area.  As a young girl we did not have all of the wonderful things that I am able to provide for my children today.  In fact, I probably would have looked at my own children with a touch of envy and thought they were spoiled.

Although my parents did not have a lot of extra cash on hand they did a great job of caring for my sisters and me. My mother taught us at a very young age how to grow and plant and weed.  This was common knowledge for many, if not all, kids in our area.  I did not yet understand those life skills my parents were teaching me and the value of their importance.  I was taught how to be a homesteader.

For someone who has not had the background of homesteading experiences that I have been blessed with thinking of homesteading can be challenging, if not overwhelming to think about.  In an effort to encourage everyone to start homesteading, if only a little, I am providing five reasons to start homesteading.  I hope you enjoy this.

  1. Food

Even if you live in town there are so many ways, many can be found with the click of a mouse, on how to garden in small spaces.  Having the ability to grow your own food is so amazing.  I have found that it really grounds me as well.


First tomato of the season.

When asked where to start homesteading, I always say with your food.  In fact the first plant I tell someone to grow  every time is green beans.  They are fast to produce, have good yields (if not great) and easy to manage.  If you are unsure on your gardening skills, start with green beans.

Growing and raising what you can for your own food makes you less dependent on the super market.  In our society this is really important.  Several weather events over the last five to ten years have shown just how dependent our society has become on the super market.  Take the steps to secure your families food and save some money by growing it yourself.  You will be happy you did

       2. Health

In a world filled with pesticides, herbicides and preservatives you can choose to change your patterns for your health.  One of the biggest reasons we homestead and grow so much of our own food is our health.  I suffer from extremely severe allergies, my doctors are shocked at how high my numbers are even.  Taking every step possible to ensure our health is key to our family, and my ability to not be a nasty allergic mess.

Raising your own crops and livestock allows you to know right where those things you are putting into your body are coming from.  They also let you know how fresh they are.  Did you know the average egg found in the super market can be up to 45 days old!  I may only have three laying hens, but to be honest we do not eat eggs everyday so this works for us.

Consider your options and how homesteading changes could positively impact your health.

     3. Money

Growing our own food and improving our overall health has saved us so much money.  We have far less trips to the doctor, more energy and less time spent at the super market.  Aside from our canning of our produce from the garden, having livestock in bulk really makes a big difference.

We raise our own pigs and chickens.  We then barter for our beef in exchange for use on part of our land that we do not normally use.  By doing this we are able to have an entire hog, several chickens, and a quarter of beef sitting in our freezer yearly.

If you cannot raise your own livestock do not give up!  Call or even stop by a local farm and speak to the farmer.  Tell them you are interested in purchasing a quarter, half or whole animal and see what they are asking for the price.  Remember you will be paying for the animal then taking it to butcher and paying that cost as well.  It may seem expensive at first but if you save a bit for this each month that one bill a year is very manageable.

      4. Family

I am finding as the kids are growing that I really enjoy spending moments with them.  You  know those moments of pure joy, learning something new, taking adventures and all of those fantastic things.


Enter a caption

Boys caring for my Mom’s horse.


Homesteading really has a way of bringing the family together.  Not only are your children learning with you but they are learning right beside you.  They will look to you with new eyes as they see how smart, strong, determined and amazing Mom and Dad are.

Spending time with your family is something that no amount of money could replace.  Homesteading has offered us the opportunity to enjoy one another and that is a blessing.

       5. Security

We all know there are times when money gets tight.  Even if you live on a strict budget, save regularly and are very disciplined with your money, there are still times when things get tough.

A homestead will give you security in so many ways.  You have less need to worry about money because you have a large stock of food you have preserved for your family.  You may have livestock that could be sold to provide additional income for you family.


Slowly filling the canning shelves.


Above all you have the security of knowing your family will be well cared for if a natural disaster should occur.  For myself that is a big relief.


No matter what your situation is I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try your hand at a bit of homesteading.  You will be happy you did and I will be more than happy to help you along the way, just leave a comment below.

Start today so you are one day closer to the happiness you deserve.

Happy homesteading!