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Are You Ready to Start Your Homestead Adventure?

Are you tired of the chaos that is constantly surrounding you? Do you ever want to take a step back in time to a simpler time? Because of all this chaos do you struggle to find the joy in your everyday life as a wife and mother?

You are not alone!

Ready to Make a Change?

We can help with that. Here’s where to get started:

  1. Are you new to homeschooling? Grab my Free Begginer’s Guide to Homeschooling Checklist right here. It will help you remember the key subjects you NEED to cover and also provide some fun options that are not required.
  2. Do you want to practice more sustainability and self-sufficiency? Why not start with an herb garden. My Beginner’s Guide to Herb Gardening e-book will walk you through where to plant and resources you should keep in mind. This e-book also covers harvesting and various forms of preservation. Get your herb garden started today.
  3. Have you dreamed of having your own homestead or being more self-sufficient? Everyday I aspire to be more independent from the main stream way of living. If you want to create a different lifestyle for your family get started with my Homesteading Beginner’s Checklist. These bite size tasks will help you get started and begin to thrive on your homestead.
Sonia from mom wife homestead life

Hi I’m Sonia

My goal is to help you thrive as a mom, wife and homestead family.

Life on the homestead can be overwhelming. My approach to calming this chaos is to take things one step at a time. You can have this peace in your life too. I’ll be here to guide you along your journey.

Why homestead life?

At one point early in married motherhood life I found myself overwhelmed with the chaos of today’s traditional life. From this chaos a calm outlet was born.

Mom, Wife, Homestead Life has created a community of empowered women who are looking to create their version of a dream home for their families. A simpler life. One where the modern day strains and pressures take a step back so we can clearly see what makes our families happy.

While not all of our dreams look the same, we share a common goal of a happy home, family and most importantly a the satisfaction and joy in our own lives.

Welcome to Mom, Wife, Homestead Life. I can’t wait to help you transform your home into the place and life of your dreams.

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